Market Segmentation

A key element of the Brand Index service is the flexible nature in which we are able to cut and report the market to a bespoke segmentation.

We pride ourselves on our flexible approach to working with food & drink suppliers and the way in which we are able to cut and report the market to a bespoke segmentation is indicative of this approach.

The cornerstone of this flexibility is Outlet Index, a market universe database covering the whole of the GB on trade which is segmented into 66 different outlet types, 29 of which are specific to food pubs and restaurants and 37 to the wet led occasion.

Essentially, this enables us to cut the market in whichever way you like, using our rich pool of attribute information to differentiate one outlet from another. This can be as simple as whether an outlet has a beer garden or a coffee machine to its quality rank – is it Gold or Silver?

This information can inform two strands of our analysis, firstly in terms of outlet targeting using the attribute information to highlight the areas of the on trade most relevant to you and save on sales team resource.

Secondly, it allows you to track brand/category performance by quality, for example or even you own bespoke view of the market.

If you are interested in bespoke reporting, scoping and targeting of the market in a language that you understand then contact us now.