Category Development

The ability to understand the continuously shifting category dynamics in the GB eating & drinking out market require retailers and suppliers to access, digest and implement more sophisticated insights than ever before.

Whether your objective is to set the category agenda, understand the gaps in your offer or provide effective solutions to the way the bar and menu space is utilised and maximised – CGA data is the only constant to achieve these goals.

Our unique data streams allow for the most granular tracking of food and drink category performance across twelve market segments, three tenures and ten regions; using the following core metrics;

•    Volume
•    Value
•    Distribution
•    Rate of Sale
•    Price

With datasets built from the lowest levels, continuous data and bespoke solutions can be easily integrated into existing segmentation models including operation style, outlet quality or customer profile.

If you want to access the GB on trade’s most dynamic consumption data to manage your category to increased profitability click here.