Estate Auditing and Location Planning

With in-house location planning experts with over 20 years of industry experience, working with CGA on your growth strategy ensures that you are taking the right concepts to the right locations, with localised competitor diagnostics


CGA’s location planning tool delivers on two key strategic objectives:


1.    Estate/Retail Audit: to understand the impact of site physiology, location suitability, catchment and competitors on sales and profitability.

    a.    Detailed modelling of site premise, traffic flow, ease of access, size of drinking area & no. of covers, car parking spaces

    b.    Location suitability modelling specific to the licensed sector and commercially unique from standard geo-demographic data sources

    c.    Identifying potential sales levels of current brands in situ, as well as truly understanding sales potential from rebrands or de-brands.


2.    Location Planning: to identify growth regions at the lowest possible levels

    a.    To analyse acquisition sites based on consumer demographic, competitive scenarios, sales and profitability

    b.    CGA are able to apply all disciplines of estate planning modelling to client-generated target sites, or alternatively build bespoke tools which allow live prospecting of new sites as they become available.