CGA Strategy's approach to consultancy is straightforward. Brief us on the most challenging issues facing your business and we will draw on all available resources to provide you with a complete, fully evidenced answer. Not an answer that parrots back the question. Not an answer that tells you what you want to hear. An answer that, in our opinion, makes the most commercial sense for your business.

CGA’s central belief in the creation of true partnerships with our clients means we build a sound understanding of your commercial drivers and objectives.

We understand that value adding consultancy is not just about presenting back numbers on a slide. It is about placing those numbers in the right context to highlight the business critical issues and flag the way ahead.

For us, consultancy means a willingness to challenge perceived wisdom - both about general market trends and the internal debate/discussion with our clients. Such a challenge will only be valued if it comes from an informed, credible and independent perspective.