News Release: Craft Beer Quantified

15 August 2013

Craft Beer now stocked in nearly 1/4 of on trade outlets

New research from food & drink consultants CGA Strategy has generated the first total market view of Craft Beer performance in the GB on trade, quantifying sales now worth £225m with growth of 79% in the last 12 months.
Using an exhaustive product coding and category segmentation model, CGA have audited all 5,000 beer brands within the GB market to create definitive breakdown of the craft category, based on empirical data and consumer research.
The category now equates to 1.9% of total beer volumes with sales increasing 84% for draught and 40% for packaged, compared to last year. Although still representing a relatively small proportion of the total beer market in GB, craft sales now amount to a not insignificant 74 million pints being sold to British consumers per annum.
CGA Chief Operating Officer Phil Tate comments, “With the modern day discerning yet fickle consumer it is vital that outlets look at their range, offer choice and the invitation to experiment. Craft can play that role and rotating them can keep the offer fresh. Craft has been a source of much debate over recent months, illustrating the interest the category holds. Consumers are drawn to the modern branding that appeals to a younger and broader demographic. Consumer affinity to the category stems a thirst for discovery and an experience that they can introduce to their friends”

CGA wanted to be first to define this complex and much debated category and this was done using 9 separate criteria which allowed us to breakdown the Total Beer category and define Craft Beer through our detailed analysis;

a.    Price
b.    Distribution quality
c.    Distribution breadth
d.    Branding
e.    Flavour
f.    Style
g.    ABV
h.    Sub Category
i.    Brewer/Owner